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Fastest way to create a construction issue according to German VOB

How it works
once at work
Provide office information
This includes office name, address and contact information which will be used in the issue, later.
once at work
Create project
There is some information required about the project like address, so the issue report can be assigned to a project. This is also where plans and technical drawings can be uploaded.
assisted on construction site
Report an issue
Just provide photos, a title and a description of the issue, choose a receiver and locate it in one of the plans. If there is no internet connection available, the issue will be queued and uploaded as soon as a connection is established. To speed things up, you can access an address book or use speach recognition. Creating an issue takes only minutes this way.
automatically on construction site
Issue report being created
Based on the information, an issue report optionally containing a rebuke according to German §4 bzw. §13 VOB/B will be generated as a PDF.
automatically on construction site
Issue report being sent
The generated document can then be sent to the receiver directly. Text, attachment, delivery - we do it for you. You will only receive a CC to your email for confirmation.
at work
Managing issues
On top of that status management, a commenting feature, history management, exporting features, etc.

one tool, one mission


Direct location in
floor plans, sections and plans

Just upload floor plans, sections or detailed drawings and locate issues on it.


Automatically generated documents
according to German VOB

After creating an issue, an issue report optionally including detailed information according to §4, Nr. 7 VOB/B bzw. §13, Nr. 5 VOB/B will be generated as a PDF.


Send as email

After reporting, Issues will be merged and sent as emails to the receivers with just one click.



Creating issues even without an internet connection: All actions can be saved in a queue and later be synced.


Address book

Contractors can be stored and managed in an address book and then later be retreived when creating issues.


Export for Excel or PDF

Easily sort, filter and export issue lists.

... on top of that collaborative access, status management after reporting, external access, commenting features, history management, transparent pricing without hidden fees and a lot more.

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